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About Natrient & Supplement Allstars

Natrient was founded back in 2001when we introduced our first product, an all natural aphrodisiac drink called Herbn Love. What? You never heard of it?! Well, let's just say it was part of our learning process. Since then we've gone on to create successful brands such as NoHang, Nasutra, SutraMax, SomaDream, and Ballistic.

We believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet, regular exercise, and high quality dietary supplements can significantly improve the quality of your life. And we develop every Natrient product with that in mind.

Satisfied customers often ask us what products we would recommend for various health categories that aren't covered by existing Natrient brands. With so many brands and so much information, it's almost impossible for anyone who's not an expert in supplement science to know what nutritional products to buy.

And it got us thinking. We consistently research and review the most innovative natural products and the latest advances in supplement science. And we use that information not only to develop great products but also to choose the best natural products for ourselves and our families. So why not share this research and information with our customers, our extended family?

And that's how Supplement Allstars came to be. In addition to Natrient brands, we will bring you a select offering the highest quality, safest, and most effective dietary supplements available, the ones we would use, the ones we would recommend to our friends and family.

We have no special relationships with the companies whose brands we recommend. Our recommendations are based on formula science, manufacturing excellence, and customer satisfaction. That's it. And we will continue to monitor and update recommendations as new information becomes available.

We’re excited about Supplement Allstars and appreciate all of the customer input and feedback that helped shape this vision. Whether you're here to purchase your favorite Natrient brand or one of the other Supplement Allstars, we appreciate your business and look forward to exceeding your expecations.


The Team at Natrient – and Supplement Allstars!