NoHang 2.0 – An Old Hangover Favorite Gets A Fresh New Look

NoHang was first introduced to the market in 2006. Over the years it has gained a strong and extremely loyal following. At Natrient, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality, most effective liver support formula available. NoHang’s continued popularity shows us that we continue to deliver on that commitment.

In its early years, NoHang gained significant popularity as a hangover supplement. That didn’t surprise us. Hangovers are primarily the result of overtaxing the liver in its role as the body’s detoxification center and drinking can be very taxing on the liver. And while it’s great to have an effective supplement that can be used for a detox boost, that’s only one aspect of how NoHang can support your both liver and general health.

In recent years, we’ve made a concerted effort to communicate with the public about NoHang’s broader liver cleanse benefits, and specifically the benefits of taking NoHang twice a year for a 30-day liver detox/cleanse. To support that growing public awareness, we created a fresh new packaging and a new look for NoHang. The 10-capsule pack and internal 2-capsule packets are convenient for travel or going out. The 30-capsule box is comprised of three 10-capsule packs so it has all the convenience of the smaller pack plus the advantage of providing our 30-day liver cleanse customers a full supply.

The NoHang 10-Capsule Box contains ten capsules (Five 2-Capsule Packets).

The new 30-Capsule Box contains three 10-Capsule Boxes (Fifteen 2-Capsule Packets).

The NoHang 2-Capsule Packet is used in both the 10-capsule and 30-capsule boxes. Vibrant and durable. Take it along when going out or traveling. Offer it to guests at your next special event.

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